Top 5 PPC programs

Google Adwords

Google Adwords has the capability of generating huge volumes of traffic. This quality has made it to be the most popular PPC option worldwide. Besides, Google Search is the world’s largest search engine, controlling 67% search market share. Google Adwords benefits a lot from the immense data mined from searches made by Google search.


  1. Top ads are positioned almost instantly. Your ads quickly get on top shortly after you have outbid the competition.
  2. The traffic volume is huge. Google has maintained a tight grip on a big percentage of global searches. This gives you a guaranteed reach to millions of possible clients distributed all over the world.


  1. Google Adwords can be really expensive. Compared to other PPC programs, you will pay more cost per click (CPC) when using Google Adwords.
  2. The learning curve is tough to most users. It takes quite some time to really understand how Adwords work. As a result, learners tend to pay higher CPCs compared to other advertisers who have grasped the tricks on how to optimize their campaigns.

Yahoo! Bing Network

Yahoo! Bing Network controls a significant part of the rest of the search market that is not controlled by Google.


  1. CPCs are low.

Keywords that appear expensive on Adwords are cheap and affordable on YBN. Low CPCs provides an opportunity to test the effectiveness of ads and keywords before launching a final campaign.

  1. The customer care service is great.

You can quickly call YBN and talk to a human customer care agent in case you have queries about your campaigns. This is really nice for advertisers who are new to PPC marketing.


  1. The search traffic is low

Compared to Google Adwords, the search volume in YBN is low and this means your campaigns will receive less impressions.

  1. Growth is limited.

It is hard to grow a certain type of campaigns on YBN due to the low traffic. With Adwords, you can grow almost any type of campaign rapidly by taking advantage of the huge traffic generated.


Facebook is used by over 1 billion users worldwide making it the king of social networks. Facebook gives you an opportunity to introduce your products and services to its massive audience through Facebook adverts. Over half of Facebook’s active users visit the network daily. This makes it’s the most interactive PPC program in the world.


  1. Availability of a range of targeting options

One outstanding quality of Facebook is its ability to help you target particular demographics, user interests and geographic locations. For instance, if you want to sell something to men aged between 21 and 35 years living in London and “Like” Arsenal, Facebook will easily help you accomplish it.

  1. Massive consumer database

Gives you unrestricted access to its 1 billion users


  1. Facebook has low CTR

It has been discovered that most users who hang they aren’t actively seeking to buy any service or product. For this reason, Facebook has a surprising low click-through-rate (CTR) compared to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  1. Constant Ad refreshing

There is need to constantly refresh the ad copy.

This sponsored listing division of AOL allows Ad makers ro target a number of specific websites and change bids depending on the chosen websites they wish to appear. Part of their inventory includes Huffington Post and ESPN among other news media sites.


  1. Advertisers have a complete control over where to appear
  2. The visibility offered if affordable
  3. Robust inventory filled with popular news sites


  1. The conversion rate is low compared to other programs such as Adwords
  2. This program has low CTR


The microblogging site is the second most popular social network after Facebook. Just like Facebook, it allows advertisers to display ads to its audience which is comparatively smaller


  1. Twitter analytics are highly useful in providing insights about the performance of ads
  2. The learning curve is reduced compared to Adwords


Twitter has a small user base compared to Facebook and Google.

For local Ads, talks about things locals know. You can incorporate local words and frequently phrases and clichés to relate better with the audience.

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