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Personal Thoughts about Getting Fit and Healthy This Year

Is making a commitment to, at least, join a fitness program or doing it by yourself necessary for all of us? Is having a commitment to eat healthier and exercise an effort or a sacrifice? Let us all discuss these questions today.

First of all, I am far from being a fitness fanatic. I always felt satisfied that I had some success in achieving and meeting my goals in life with regards to living a healthier lifestyle, thanks to my every supportive family and friends.

Well, I have read some comments and articles that people, especially the ones who are struggling with obesity and stress, should step up their intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, while limiting the amount of sugar fat in their diets.

For me, it's a good thing to look out for our own health and be sure to stay fit and strong before something happens to us in the next days.

Aside from the regular tips and ideas you can see in the internet or if you have your own guidelines, sticking to what you feel and think is right for you is the best thing you can do right now.

While it's admirable that the government is trying so hard to get the people to slim down and shape up, there's one aspect of living healthier and fit that the government have failed to mention in their colourful report. It is the cost of everything needed to stay fit and healthy at once.

Generally, healthier foods are more expensive than junk food, and to keep fit it's necessary to expend time and energy. To try and put a dollar figure on exactly how costly it is to eat healthier and exercise more, we will probably have longer time to explain it further to all of you. Overall, the government is embracing an extraordinary diet lower in calories and higher in exercise.

The government also encourages everyone for a moderate intensity, and that is about bicycling, walking and stretching to make the cut for healthier and strong lifestyle. A half hour of stretching may sound great to me and I can do bicycling as well during free time.

To lose weight (or at the very least not pack on any additional pounds), for about 60 minutes of "moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity on most days, is definitely a good start for a healthy lifestyle.

Now add to that the weekly time involved in planning ahead for highly nutritious meals, always include some cardio or some stretching to your daily workout plan. Despite your busy schedule, a little stretching or walking down the road for about 10 to 15 minutes or so is a good thing rather than doing nothing for your health. That's what you call satisfying your minutes with sense of accomplishment.

The beauty of ready-made foods and take-out meals is that they fit extremely well into a family's hectic lifestyle. With fresh foods, you have to take the time not only to cook the meal but to prepare all the ingredients and then clean up the considerable kitchen mess once the meal is through. After a few days of dealing with the exercise routine and healthy foods, at least it is a good start to a new “you”.