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Advanced Training

Advanced Running Physical Training Tips for Everyone

Are you trying to join or run for a marathon this time around? Is your body ready when that time comes? If you are not really much into running, then joining a marathon might not be good for you.

Running a marathon can be described as vastly different from racing a marathon. Marathon participation in any form is a challenge, and whether winning your age group or completing your first 26.2 event; it is something every athlete should appreciate.

In order for you be prepared and to complete the marathon that you want to join or to advance your physical and running skills, here are some specific workouts and mental skill development tips for you to start with.

Specific Preparation

When it comes fulfilling physical health, specific preparation is essential for any endurance event like jogging or preparation for a marathon. Competitive marathon runners should focus on three particular aspects of preparation: course research, nutrition management, and weather conditions.

It's been said that in a race, for every uphill there's a downhill. Marathon training should include hill training to the mimic the course not only in gradient, but at what point the gradient occurs on the course. The final component of event specific race preparation is to know the weather conditions and preparing your clothing options. Proper preparation is vital for all marathoners, but for the competitive athlete is can mean valuable minutes or places.

Specific Workouts

Developing a training plan for marathon racing is different than trying to simply reach the finish line. There is key training sessions that will prepare you for racing a marathon. Long distance workouts should be supplemented during the week with one to two workouts comprised of fartlek workouts or interval workouts. Marathons require long range planning of 8 to 10 weeks for actively competitive runners and up to 20 weeks for those specifically targeting an event.

Mental Preparation

In joining marathon to have an advanced running physical training, you need to consider a mental preparation as well. A strong mind is a key to competitive success in any sport. Racing a marathon requires focus when adjusting your pace to the conditions and competitive environment, as well as monitoring physical performance.

As part of the mental preparation, a good hydrating body is appropriate. Good hydration can be a key performance booster or limiter based on your ability to recognise the opportunities to hydrate properly throughout the race.

A second important skill for competitive marathoners is goal setting. With that said, you should be specific about your goals, make the goal measureable, make sure your goals are aggressive but attainable, goals should be result oriented, so write them down to be reviewed.

Finishing a marathon is a huge physical feat no matter how you approach it. There are those that want to take the next step to racing a marathon, not just crossing the finish line. It is really important that you should take note of this for you to complete your goal in taking advanced steps for your physical and running skills.