6 pro tips in doing PPC

Write a better Ad Copy to increase CTR

If you are using Google Adwords, it is a good practice to write great ad copies. Better ad copy boosts CTR which in turn increases the quality score.

Further, increase the CTR by using more extensions

Extensions make ads to be more clickable. When ads are easily clickable, CTRs soar and boosts quality scores

Adjust the Geolocation settings of your campaign accordingly

However obvious it may look, Geolocation settings are often overlooked by Adwords users. Geolocation settings allow you to display your ads to particular regions or within a given distance from your business.

Generate Negative Keyword Conflict reports

Negative keyword conflict reporting is a feature of Bing search engine that identifies conflict between search terms that have been bided and excluded negative keywords. Identifying negatives that harm your volume can save you significant money.

Optimize your bids for mobile while you examine device targeting

Searches are done on smartphones more often than on desktop computers. Consider investing more in mobile bids without totally abandoning other avenues so that you can control a broader space.

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